Called off the wedding and sued: in Australia the man demanded from the ex-bride to return the engagement ring

In Australia , a man named Edwin Sheehan Bin Then sued his ex-fiancée Winnie Chu Lin su after she refused to return his diamond ring valued at $ 15,500.

The man himself called off the wedding 10 days before the scheduled date, the Daily Mail reports, citing court documents.

In addition, would-be groom is required from the former to return not only the ring, but other gifts with a total value of $ 5000, among them diamond necklace, bag from Louis Vuitton and cash.

According to court documents, the couple started Dating in 2014, a few months later opened a joint Bank account in order to buy an engagement ring and other wedding attributes for a total cost of $ 16,800.

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Some time later, Bin he offered the girl his hand and heart, but three months later, 10 days before the great date in March 2016, he refused the wedding with Lin su. Male more than a year demanded from her in court three rings and five gift even after the pair verbally agreed to give each other what is rightfully yours.

And while, as some things have been returned, for example, the ex-fiance got back his shoes, wallet and wedding suit, the ex-fiancée refuses to give him a diamond ring.

According to court documents, the judge found Lin su to return to his former wedding attributes and thousands of dollars in cash, but not the ring and five gifts, so she’ll keep it.

Earlier in Australia the occasional traveler found a ring in a desert, which a few months before lost tourist Elizabeth Docherty. In the desert of Queensland, she and her husband came for a wedding anniversary. They walked and took pictures, I noticed that ring on your finger there. The couple reported to the police, but had no hope of finding a way for yourself adornment.

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