Fire from grenade launchers and enemy tactics of “scorched earth”. Digest ATO

From midnight boyoviki eight times violated the ceasefire, which is somewhat less than in previous days. Basically, the enemy opened fire from small arms and grenade launchers.

About it informs the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

However, completely from the banned weapons the militants still refused. Around midnight, gunmen fired 20 rpm gauge 120 and 82 millimetre Ukrainian strongholds near Marinka. In addition, in the coastal areas almost one in the morning, the criminals once again deliberately beaten from heavy machine guns at the houses of civilians Krasnogorovka.

On Donetsk the direction under enemy fire were Ukrainian fortifications in the area of Avdeyevka and the industrial zone of Kamenka. And in Luhansk, the criminals fired at the ATO forces with rocket-propelled grenades near the Donets and Crimean.

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Published by the Press center of staff ATO 22 Aug 2017

“The tactics of the Pro-Russian mercenaries has changed. Having come to the conclusion that the constant provocative attacks from the banned weapons do not give the desired result, and the response of the ATO forces brings considerable losses in manpower and equipment, the enemy began to act more cynical. To effectively hit the positions of the forces ATO, to increase the sectors of fire and visibility, the bandits began incendiary ammunition and mines to burn valesini, landing and even the homes of civilians of Donbass”, – said the press center of staff ATO.

Earlier also it was reported that the militants in the ATO zone use new “tactics” – especially set fire to fields and plantations near the demarcation line. Grass after weeks of heat – dry, so the fire quickly spread and burned several houses in the villages.

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