The US special envoy said that America is seeking to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty

The US special envoy on the settlement in Ukraine Kurt Volker has confirmed that the US goal is to restore Ukraine’s territorial integrity and its sovereignty.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

USA are designed to help establish security for all citizens of Ukraine regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation. Walker noticed that on the European continent, “at a distance of less than one and a half hours of flight the plane,” now “bubbling hot war”, and it was impossible to forget.

The US special envoy Kurt Volker: “the Overall objective is the restoration of the sovereignty of #Ukraine, its territorial integrity and security of its people”

— Voice of America (@chastime) 22 Aug 2017

To stop this, he called first of all to achieve a lasting and durable ceasefire.

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Recall that recently He had been in a front window.

He declared that on Donbass proceeds “not a frozen conflict, and a hot war”.

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