“We have survived”: the Network has published an amazing before/after of people who overcame cancer


In former cancer patients shared their photos in tough times of chemotherapy and hospitalization and how they look now.

Gallery, featured on Bored Panda, shows amazing stories of recovery.

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Stephanie Matson has endured 4 operations, 55 chemotherapy, 28 treatments of radiation. In the first year she was given less than a 20% chance of survival.


Publication of Stephanie Madsen (@derailingmydiagnosis)Feb 4 2017 7:43 PST

On June 5, the girl posted photos with her husband, where touching and congratulated them on the seventh wedding anniversary. All the difficulties the pair broke together.


Publication of Stephanie Madsen (@derailingmydiagnosis)Jun 5 2017 1:02 PDT

The other girl, signed Kay Kay, writes: “I’m glad I kept the memory of what I went through so much more to appreciate life today. Thank God.”


Publication from Kay Kay (@iikaykay)Jul 30 2017 8:39 PDT


Publication from Kay Kay (@iikaykay)7 Nov 2016 10:59 PST

Little Sofia had a cancer 3 years ago and is now healthy.


Publication of Miracles & Messes (@miraclesandmesses)Aug 20 2017 at 2:10 PDT

Austin Minot completed treatment was 16 years ago.


Publication from Austin Minot (@bigerms)17 Aug 2017 at 1:50 PM PDT

Now the guy looks great.


Publication from Austin Minot (@bigerms)Aug 16 2017 at 2:07 PDT

Same date, same place, 2 years later. Everyday is a blessing & I’m consistently grateful #cancersurvivor #fightlikeagirl pic.twitter.com/w9eFMTrnEX

— Iz (@izzyginavan) 15 August 2017 R.

Brittany M. says: “I will never forget who I am, who I was, all the hard work, painful, but enlightening process of growth in becoming the woman that I am today.”


Publication from Brittany M. (@brittanym333)Aug 17 2017 8:41 PDT

Now she looks great.


Publication from Brittany M. (@brittanym333)6 Aug 2017 at 1:17 PDT

We will remind, recently in the U.S. users of the social network Facebook donated hairto make wig for cancer patient Brittany Eck. To help the woman agreed seven strangers.

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