Poltorak satisfied with the conversation with the Pentagon Mattis in Kiev

The Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak were satisfied with the meeting with his us counterpart James Mattis and thanked all the foreign guests for their participation in the celebration of Independence Day. The official wrote on his own page on the social network Facebook.

According to the head of the defense Ministry, at the meeting with the head of the Pentagon it was about “current safe situation in Ukraine and the world, developing the abilities of the APU at the present stage, the prospects of bilateral cooperation, as well as expanding logistical support from the United States to repel aggression and military reform”.

To videopregnant independence Day arrived in Ukraine, Pentagon chief James Mattis

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Separately Poltorak noted the nature of the debate – in his words, she was kind and friendly. “We are satisfied with the level of our cooperation with the United States. We share a desire to achieve more progress in bilateral relations”, – said the Ukrainian Minister of defense.

However, he expressed gratitude to his foreign colleagues for the support and celebration of the national holiday together with the Ukrainian people. “The sincere support of friends are key to our success and peaceful future for Ukraine and the entire civilized world,” – said Poltorak.

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