The barge was rescued. The price of watermelons has grown rapidly and broke the historical record

In Ukraine rapidly increased the price of watermelons – due to the fact that these berries burned by the sun. Only since the beginning of this week, prices increased 1.6-1.7 times.

Now farmers offer watermelon high quality at 4-4,5 UAH/kg (wholesale price), the price of non-conforming products start from 2.5 UAH/kg. this writes the “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits”.

At the same time, the price of watermelons in the Ukrainian farms is an average of 6.3 times higher than in the same period last year and is a record for the end of August for the whole history of Ukraine’s independence. For comparison, before the maximum considered price in August of 2014, but then they did not exceed the 2.3 UAH/kg.

Such a high price level market analysts attribute significant enough decline in the production of watermelons in Ukraine due to the heat wave in late summer. At the same time, it must be emphasized that such a sharp rise in price negatively affects the demand. Exporters refuse to purchase at current prices, while the pace of sales in the domestic market also declined. Moreover, consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the products.

Recall, a few weeks advertised the barge that brought on the Dnieper for the first time in 14 years, the watermelon capital. In the retail network they were sold for 1.99 UAH/kg. Now the price can not be found – had risen several times.

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