The concert is, panic: the explosion on the Grushevsky street didn’t ruin the Independence day in Kiev

In the explosion on Hrushevskoho affected the whole family, which came in the thanksgiving day parade in Kiev. The incident took place, albeit with blood, but don’t panic, says the story TSN.19:30.

Soon the street became a road again, and police said that there is nothing to fear. Militiamen find out, how is it possible explosion at reinforced security measures in the center of Kiev, where the parade was held with the participation of top officials and foreign guests, as well as European Cup football match between Ukrainian and Portuguese teams. At both events involve heavy security and a large number of protection.

Videostrip, which was qualified as attempted murder, did not spoil the festive mood in the capital

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:32

According to information from social networks, the explosion in the government quarter of Kiev suffered Atoshnik, who took part in the defense of DAP. He had wounds of the abdomen. Familiar men suggest that he suffered from the explosion of grenade RGD-5. On its own TSN, life-threatening wounded.

Despite the publicity in the media, most people of Kiev, who after dinner walked around the center of the capital, the explosion did not hear anything. Panic or just enhanced hype it wasn’t noticeable – the incident did not affect the course of life in the city. People say that do not experience excessive danger and potential threat have grown accustomed over several years of undeclared war. In the evening people on Independence square, despite the rain and coolness, increased in these moments there was a big concert with participation of Ukrainian and American musicians.

The TSN reporter Anna Bock