In Russia with the participation of the mayor and the speaker of the Duma officially opened volokolamka

In the Russian Tomsk inaugurated volokolamke on the outskirts of the city. The event was held with fanfare – it was attended by the mayor Ivan Klein and the speaker of the local Duma Sergey Panov. They cut the red tape.

It is reported “Present”.

“The red ribbon around the columns – painting for the 21st century is not quite familiar, but for the residents of the Sleeper and the Drill is a real event,” – said in a news release on the Federal channel “Russia 1”.

Prior to this, residents of five years were brought water at KAMAZ. Now the district has installed 29 water wells, from which water can be connected in the house. That tenants of all 78 homes must enter into a contract with the local water utility.

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