Farewell to summer: kiyani share online photo end-of-summer thunderstorms

On the evening of August 27, Kiev attacked the powerful rain with lightning.

In social networks, the people of Kiev are willing to share photos of the end-of-summer thunderstorm or even write lyrical texts.

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For example, photographer Vladislav sodel has posted a photo of a storm in Kiev.

Kyiv. Ukraine. 27.08.2017 pic.twitter.com/F48tt97WVV

— Vladislav sodel (@sodel_vlad) 27 Aug 2017

The storm

Published by Northwind Fedoryenko 27 Aug 2017

Of heaven Directors staged an incredible spectacle with powerful effects over Kiev. Watch super show! Let’s see …

Published Sergiy Yurchenko 27 Aug 2017

Storm. Just, 20.30, 27.08.17, the view from “house on the edge of the Earth” 🙂

Published by Soolima 27 Aug 2017

What a hell of a storm! pic.twitter.com/bFKXL9CD5v

— Toraska (@tooraska) 27 Aug 2017

The night Was another thunderstorm. The photo was taken now… pic.twitter.com/9P3bE3xoYI

— Tanya, Kyiv (@TPihur) 27 Aug 2017

Why do you have that summer look, what a lovely end-of-summer thunderstorm )))

— Naska (@nasqka) 27 Aug 2017

Oh this dugout storm

Light SS druzak too

Life’s a pain when there’s a storm outside

I’m still scared shitless when sparkles

— Valeria (@valeria020805) 27 Aug 2017

The last summer storm. Thunder us goodbye in the summer. Rain drops washes away with us memories, emotions, suffering. Heals us. For the last time.

— ValerkaSo (@valeriesavo) 27 Aug 2017

Thunderstorm in Kiev #lightning

Published Ulan Rudy 27 Aug 2017

Kyiv summer 2017. The storm on the last Sunday of the summer. (photo on the mobile)

Posted by Lena Spring 27 Aug 2017

Priznaytes to TSN from Viber that atribuite
nivalis news just the messenger!

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