The Minsk process “going nowhere” – the special representative of the United States Walker

The situation in the Donbass may deteriorateif the United States would not carry out steps for resolution of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, said the special envoy of the US Department of state Kurt Volker.

This writes the Financial Times.

“There is a growing sense that the conflict itself is actually getting worse and that it will deteriorate further if we don’t do,” said Walker.

He said the lack of progress in the Minsk process, which is “not going anywhere”. According to him, the US will try to “give impetus to the process.”

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TSN. Wounds

25 Aug, 09:47

“The situation, when diplomatic relations, economic relations are frozen, of course, is not what would Russia. I think they should make their choice, and their own calculations,” said Walker about the relationship of the US and Russia.

Recall that the US special envoy Kurt Volker said that the administration of us President Donald trump is seriously considering providing lethal weapons to Ukraine.

He also stressed that “it should be the decision of the President.”

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