In Kiev, dozens of trolleybuses was stopped due to breakage of the network and provoked a massive traffic jam

In Kyiv, Sevastopol area the huge stopper was formed.

It is reported in Facebook.

Dozens of trolleybuses stopped and blocked Chokolovskiy Boulevard, streets of Donetsk and the people’s Militia, Povitroflotskyi Avenue.

The tube was formed as a result of breakage of a contact network.

Now working on the site several brigades emergency services, the timing of the breakdown is unknown.

A huge traffic jam in Kyiv, Sevastopol area. As a result of breakage of a contact network, dozens of trolleybuses stopped…

Published 29 Aug 2017

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Prepare for traffic jams in Kiev in some places will block traffic for road repairs

Recall now the Ukrainian capital has suffered from numerous jams. In particular, the queue of cars was on all bridges in Kiev, in Moscow.

In Kiev, there have been numerous accidents, and also conducted repairs of roads.

Kiev stood in traffic on Victory Avenue, the streets of Dovzhenko and Teligi, riverside road, the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples, Kikvidze street, Lesi Ukrainki Boulevard, and the like.

Stopped also the center of the capital, in particular, of the street, near the Bessarabian market, Khreschatyk and Maidan.

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