Without a down payment. The government will offer Ukrainians a new housing program

In Ukraine will be the state program according to which during the acquisition of housing will not need to make a Deposit. And the system will operate under a financial lease.

The corresponding changes in the Charter of the State mortgage institution in the organization and expansion of its activities made by the Cabinet.

State mortgage institution has developed and handed over to the government the introduction of such a financial-credit mechanism to provide housing for Ukrainians, as the provision of residential property in financial leasing. The main advantages of this mechanism is the lack of down payment for housing and having the chance to stay in the apartment immediately after signing the lease agreement with SMI (housing in the Finance lease is transferred after the completion of the internal finishing works and installation of necessary equipment).

It is assumed that the sources of financing for the SMI program of financial leasing will have the financial resources attracted under the state guarantee, provided by the state budget for 2017.

Meanwhile in Kiev can’t sell more than 76 thousand apartments in new buildings – people have no money.

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