Fighters of anti-terrorist operation threaten criminal liability for violation of the truce

Unprecedented strict observance of the truce in the Donbass on the Ukrainian side. The open fire command promises to bring the fighters to justice, including criminal, says TSN.12.00.

At the same time, at the headquarters of ATO reported that militants opened fire two dozen times, mostly in the area of Avdeevka. Beat from grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

The position of the Zenith, surroundings of the Town, such silence as the last days, here simply do not remember. The fighter with the Callsign “Bald” explains fully without firing a single shot the enemy lasted a day, not 1 September, and again constantly provokes the gun.

Now, according to the journalists of TSN, at the front in the Ukrainian army a strict ban on the open fire. In each case an internal investigation and in case of breach of accountability. Commanders say, is now really fully stopped firing.

“Previously, on every provocation, we said to cover their fiery point , we do not now do, allow them a little pohamit. If there is a certain threat to the life of a soldier, then the weapon used,” says the unit commander.

Such strict prohibitions at this time, men are somewhat understanding. 45 grandfather, from the war, gray – doesn’t want the war touched children.

“Why don’t we understand what we see in Donetsk, still on the ground fighting, not somewhere, children have to walk to school safely,” says the fighter.

But like to go to school all next year, if peace will end and war breaks out, and probably soon it will be an open question.

Videocrash command promises to punish soldiers who fail to comply with school truce

TSN. 12:00

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