Klimkin will try to clarify the fate of missing in Gomel Ukrainian at the head of the foreign Ministry of Belarus

To learn the fate of the missing in Belarus, the 19-year-old Paul Mushroom trying, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska. The father of the missing to know that the abduction of the son is the Russian FSB, which suspects the guy in the terrorism, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The man on duty near the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs and collecting information about his son. From the bus driver who drove Paul learned that he got to Gomel. The terrorist case dad calls utter nonsense, because his son since childhood, has a severe illness and are physically limited. If in jail he will be left without necessary medicines, his life would be in danger. “If there is no normal conditions for life, but it can lead to fatal consequences,” warned Igor Mushroom.

Videosa kidnapping of Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom is the Russian FSB, which suspects the guy in the terrorism

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:02

Two days ago the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus sent a note to find out where their territory happened to the other guy, but the official Minsk has so far remained silent. Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that on Thursday will meet with his Belarusian counterpart and personally talk about the missing. To the Russian Ombudsman contacted the Commissioner on human rights Lutkovska, who asks to find out whether the Mushroom fell into the hands of Russian security forces. The Ukrainian Consulate in Rostov plan to drive to Krasnodar and to check whether Paul held in the local jail.

In the field of view of the FSB, the young man allegedly fell through messages Vkontakte – social network, fully controlled by the Russian intelligence services. “He got in the development of the FSB. As far as I know, to me it brought a human rights organization that prior to the Olympics in Sochi there was installed some special equipment that monitor social networks in respect of any appeals, of any notes. Some message got there and began to work. And that’s what happened, lured to the territory of Belarus, and there detained,” – said the boy’s father.

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To Belarus, where Russian security services feel like at home, FSB lured Paul with the girls, which, according to her, she is under investigation. Kidnapping is a common practice of Russian intelligence, Ukrainians often disappear in the occupied territories. In the Crimea, 18 people family failed to find neither alive nor dead, and local law enforcement officers of sabotaging the investigation. These multiple cases should be investigated at the International Tribunal, because, according to human rights activists, there is every reason to consider them a crime against humanity.

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