OSCE: situation in Donbas threatens ecological disaster

The Austrian foreign Ministry and the head of the OSCE Sebastian Kurz believes that potrebno to take urgent action to avert a humanitarian and environmental disaster in the Donbas.

This writes the Politico.

The OSCE Chairman is convinced that the conflict in the Donbass can cause environmental pollution, because the fighting is threatening the conservation storage of chlorine, chemical and metallurgical plants, storage locations of hazardous wastes, coal mines in the region, and the like.

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24 Jul, 08:55

“This situation is a time bomb”, – the politician.

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Because the parties to the conflict are very close geographically, any incident on the contact line affect the people living on both sides. For example, in early 2017, the attack hit the building of the Donetsk filtration station, which contained 7,000 pounds of chlorine gas. If the vault exploded, the losses would be catastrophic.

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14 Jul, 09:25

The Austrian Minister believes that the parties to the conflict must treat the plants, electro – and hydro power stations, as well as other humanitarian and ecologically important objects in the safe zone.

Recall that damage water treatment facilities, chemical plants and agricultural enterprises in the Donbas can lead to environmental disaster in the region.

This was stated by the head of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine Ertugrul Apakan.

According to him, environmental problems will put the already affected population on both sides of the line of contact in an even more difficult position.

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