Ring, bridges and culture drivers: the expert outlined a way to solve the problem of traffic jams in Kiev

Together with the end of summer and the holiday season in the capital was back of the tube. Experts say that to solve the problem will not help even a significant increase in fuel prices, according to a story TSN.19:30.

traffic interchange near Paton bridge was built for Euro 2012, and city officials promised that this place has no traffic. However, there cars are the same as in many other places of Kiev. “For a couple of hours going from work, to work! All covered, all the bridges are closed, going only in the opposite direction” – outraged drivers and suggest to make a new road, which would relieve the existing ones.

Video with the approach of autumn the roads of the capital was paralyzed due to traffic jams

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:24

Experts agree that the roads do not, but with the mind – the capital requires a systemic solution to the transport problem. Expert on road safety Alexander Kryzhanovsky says that meaning in modern interchanges to 8 lanes in one direction no, if they run soon in the usual way into two lanes. “Without a thorough development of the transport network of Kiev, especially in the main areas, the issue is not solved. Not everything is solved with money, very often is decided by professionalism. Very often the same questions can be solved in different means,” he warns.

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According to experts, the city needs a big roundabout, which unburden the main roads and set them free from transit transport, as well as new bridges and interchanges. Also, experts believe that it is necessary to return to the establishment of “green waves” when the traffic lights on the highway run smoothly and cars driving without stopping. And another important culture drivers themselves – their willingness to be polite on the road and do not block each other’s movement, especially ambulances, police and fire service.

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