“And you head home remember?” School jokes epic combined with footage from “Game of thrones”

To September 1, users of social networks gave a funny flash mob – they sign a typical school expression images from different series “Game of thrones”.

Jamie Lannister with an iron prosthesis was signed by request of the teacher, “I Want to say something – raise your hand”, ned stark, who was executed in front of children, the phrase “And you head home remember?”.

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All equally became known for the amount of fees of the stars of “Game of thrones”

Wildling Ygritte, which hunted the guardians of the wall, forced to “consider the Raven” (crow called soldiers of the Night’s watch), and Lord Varys potrolit for love to whisper something in your ear.


AND YOU HEAD HOME REMEMBER??? pic.twitter.com/ARStSozIq1

— Nicotine with Eyebrows (@Yoghikitt) 1 September 2017

Since no one wants to answer, I open the journal and the list pic.twitter.com/DncuufssZ8

— Pokemon Vetkafe (@sikorochka) 1 September 2017


Minister panic (@minofpan) 1 September 2017

The whole family on an outdoor lesson, come! pic.twitter.com/MVPAElnLE7

— Ruzana (@Ruzayan) 1 September 2017

And if all of the tenth floor will jump, would you jump too? pic.twitter.com/4TQx3qmXTT

— not huhry-muhry (@zuukhra) 1 September 2017

the toilet took a day off of pororoca sits there! pic.twitter.com/sePP0keWjM

— Nicotine with Eyebrows (@Yoghikitt) 1 September 2017

Counting crows again! pic.twitter.com/BLa89sxfQS

— Edward Wood (@Edward_Wood_Jr) 1 September 2017

That low? Answer OK! pic.twitter.com/QV3JjW8EQg

— Jerzy (@ata_pin) 1 September 2017

Want says — raise your hand pic.twitter.com/9wujif6CB1

— RIP news (@riarip) 1 September 2017


— Yuri benedicti (@sveenota) 1 September 2017

Sit up straight. Straighten your back pic.twitter.com/vb6CeiaNVB

— Flowercolor (@Flowersoflive) 1 September 2017

Maybe with the whole class share what you whispering about? pic.twitter.com/zf4DORVJFB

Adolf, stop (@adolfstop) 1 September 2017

But if you watched the seventh season of “Game of thrones” and worried I missed something important, watch our video.

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