In Kiev, established the first in Ukraine terminal for sale cryptocurrency

In Kiev, the first six cryptomate – terminals for the sale of cryptocurrency. Testing began on 4 September.

It is reported by company KUNA Bitcoin Agency.

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“Started open testing system cryptomate in Ukraine private entrepreneur who bought the first 6 terminals for the sale of bitcoin for cash, have already placed them in Kiev, two more next week to appear in Kharkiv”, – stated in the message.

Also the company said that they have already received applications for more than 150 crypto-terminals in Ukraine.

The process of buying cryptocurrency using a bitcoin terminal the following:

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– press the button that says “Bitcoin”

– give the camera to scan your e-wallet of the bitcoin app on your smartphone

– bring cash (from 500 UAH)

– after that, bitcoins sent to your wallet.

Earlier it was reported that on 1 August the most famous cryptocurrency of the Bitcoin world was divided. Next to it there is a new Bitcoin Cash. Its creators believe that it will be better protected against hacker attacks, and the maximum volume of its unit will increase to 8 megabytes.

Videobrain can become one of the world centers of development of essentially new financial system

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