In Ukraine will increase the cost of alcoholic beverages. New minimum prices

Already this Saturday will be the new prices for alcohol – 6.5-19.4 per cent.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

September 9 will enter into force the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. According to the document, the minimum retail price for vodka will grow by 14%. That is, for a half-liter bottle will have to pay not less than UAH 79 55 kopecks.

Whiskey and rum will cost a minimum of UAH 399.5 opening for a half-liter bottle, 3-5-star cognacs – from 300 UAH per half-liter bottle, 0.7 liter of wine – from UAH 37, fortified wine and vermouth – from 47 07 UAH per liter, cider and Perry (without adding alcohol) in a glass container with capacity 1 liter, only fermented beveragesobtained exclusively as a result of natural (natural) fermentation of fruit, berries and fruit-berry juice, with alcohol content of not more than 8,5% volume units (without adding alcohol) in a glass container with capacity 1 liter – 28,47 UAH.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian plants began to produce less alcoholic beverages.

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