The winner of the title “Miss Ukraine 2017” was Pauline weaver

Among the 24 contenders in Kiev has chosen a new “Miss Ukraine 2017”. Elegant crown and the right to represent our country in the current championship of “Miss World” in China was won by Pauline weaver.

However, only three winners: in addition to “Miss World”, the finalists will go to Miss Earth contests (“Miss Earth”) and Miss International. “Miss Earth” became Diana Mironenko, and Miss International – Xenia Chip (both won 150 000 UAH).

The first “Vice-miss of Ukraine” was Irina Tkachuk, the second “Vice-miss” – Emily Shah.

The total prize Fund of this championship beauty is 700 000 hryvnia, according to the website of the event.

The six finalists included Diane Mironenko, Valery Mikhailov, Pauline Tkach, Irina Tkachuk, Xenia Chiba and Emilia Shah.

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In addition, Ilona Mamchur received the title of “Miss photo Model”, Maria Ivanova became “Miss Online 2017”, Julia Karpets – “Miss Jetsetter”, Mitchenko – “Ms. of Spectator sympathies”,
Contestants Of “Miss Ukraine”

The crown of the winner, according to tradition, gave “Miss Ukraine 2016” Alexander Kucherenko.
The competition of beauty took place in the Palace “Ukraine”

Note, the version of the final of the contest “Miss Ukraine 2017” will show on the tenth of September at 23:00 on air of the channel “1+1”.

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the press service of the channel “1+1”

Leading a colorful show in the Palace “Ukraine” were the stars of “1+1” Ekaterina Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov. Guests are entertained by a whole crew of performers, including the group “Time and Glass” and MONATIK.

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