Fighters completely ignore the “school” a ceasefire and significantly increased the number of attacks

For Wednesday, September 6, fighters 34 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military in the ATO area in the Donbas, ignoring the agreement of the “school” the truce, which was to begin on August 25.

“Of those 20 attacks are characterized as indirect. Losses among our military aren’t present”, – stated in the press center of staff ATO.

Evening and night fighters actively beat in the area of Mariupol. After 18:00 they five times from heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms fired Ukrainian military positions on the outskirts of the Water. Under fire from the same weapons were Ukrainian strongholds near Gotovogo, Bogdanovka and Talakovki.

In Donetsk direction militants staged provocative attacks on the fortifications on the outskirts of Zaytsevy. Also at the end of the day fighters were beaten twice from grenade launchers and small arms at the industrial area of Avdiivka.

On Lugansk the direction around 19:00 fired three mines of calibre of 82 mm near Crimson.

We will remind, Ukraine has agreed to exchange prisoners on 309 87 detainees.

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