US urges Russia to allow UN peacekeepers to the entire territory of the occupied Donbass

In the United States believe that the UN peacekeepers should be in all areas of the occupied Donbass, and not only on the demarcation line, as Russia wants.

“Any peacekeeping force has a broad mandate to ensure peace and security throughout the occupied territory of Ukraine”, – said the press Secretary of the U.S. Department of State Heder, Nauert, quoted by the Associated Press.

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The US state Department say that the issue of sending UN peacekeeping forces to East of Ukraine “worthy of consideration”. There are convinced that this peacekeeping mission will protect Ukrainians of all ethnic origins, and help to restore state sovereignty of Ukraine.

Before that, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin will turn to the UN security Council with a request to send peacekeepers, who have patrolled only the line of differentiation on Donbass. At the same time Russia will demand the special status of Donbass before the introduction of peacekeepers.

We will remind, the German government also insists on the deployment of UN peacekeepers throughout the conflict in the Donbass.

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