In Luhansk region, the children found the grenade right on the railroad tracks

Wednesday, September 6, in the Luhansk region near the railway track, two teenagers found a grenade.

It is reported by the Department of communication of the police of the Luhansk region.

Children reported about a dangerous find the man, who was walking on the railway pedestrian perehodom home from work, so he immediately called the police.

On a scene employees left is investigative-task force of Rubizhne police Department and the bomb squad the bomb squad.

During inspection of the scene, police found a grenade f-1 with a large bomber, which was lying near the railway track in Sochi.

At the time the investigation was suspended the movement of trains in the direction of “Nasvetevich-Rubizhne”.

The grenade was seized for further directions on explosion-technical examination.

Currently, the criminal proceedings are opened, all materials which will be sent for further investigation in the SBU.

In Luhansk oblast children on the railroad tracks found the grenade f-1 Yesterday, near the railroad track two teenagers found the fighting …

Posted by Tatyana Pogukai 7 September 2017

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The Dnipropetrovsk teenager on a Bicycle was blown up by a grenade, brought from zone ATO

Recall that in Ivano-Frankivsk on the front of the Center of Polish culture found the grenade. The finding reported by the employee of this institution. In her words, a grenade was discovered during routine cleaning of the air conditioning system. The explosive device was a metal drainpipe between the first and second floor of the house.

At the scene immediately went employees of the patrol police, investigative team, explosives experts and dog handlers.

The withdrawn subject similar to a grenade RGD 5 with a fuse, was sent for expert research.

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