Killed scout Shapoval became a Hero of Ukraine

The Day scout the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously honoured major General of the Main intelligence Directorate of Maxim Shapoval. In the Parliament there was a moment of silence for all the victims during the war in the East of Ukraine, says the story TSN.19:30.

Shapoval died in Kiev, but his death associated with the work in the ATO area – he collected evidence to international courts against Russia. At the end of June the car driven by Shapoval, exploded in the car of the scout laid more than a pound of TNT. Police have classified this as a terrorist attack and see it as a Russian trace.

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Former heads of intelligence criticized the security forces after the murder of Colonel Shapoval

President Petro Poroshenko has assigned Shapoval rank of major General posthumously. 39-year-old fuller was the first legendary cyborg Donetsk airport, were developed and carried out secret operation at the front and rear occupants. Thus, the obvious has become the first and main version – demonstrative murder of one of the most valuable military experts of Ukraine.

Videomaker Shapoval, a car which blew up on the move, was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine

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