Revenge for the family and duty to the UNA-UNSO: Georgian spy has confessed, why sign a contract with the APU

The day of military intelligence traditionally passes almost unnoticed, like the work of the scouts, designed to be invisible to the enemy. Call them ghosts, shadows or bats, the majority avoids any publicity, but some of them are not afraid to show his face in front of the cameras, says the story TSN.19:30.

Gunpowder-blackened hands scout Georgians twists a paper rose and gave it to the journalist. “This is a Georgian trick – even in war give a beauty,” he says. Among the burnt walls “Gyurza” quoted Shakespeare and Dante, but although humanitarian talents, joined the military, which does not release the cigarette from his hands. “Look at Abkhazia, Tskhinvali, “Russian world”, nothing but ruins,” he says. “Russian world” killed the father “Viper”, and just this ideology Georgians now protects the Ukraine.

Videotransit military intelligence officers are celebrating their professional holiday

TSN. 19:30

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His way of fighting in the ATO Georgians started the regiment “Azov”, fighting in Shirokino. Then a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Georgian army was considered voluntary foreigners in the National guard is officially impossible. “I don’t know why when these foreigners are doing more for Ukraine than those who are sitting at home still and patriotism discussing at the level of a Cup of coffee”, he asks. In the Armed forces “Gyurza” became a senior soldier of the reconnaissance platoon. The loss of his title has survived easily because he feels a duty to the Ukraine. “When in 1992 the boys of the UNA-UNSO fought for my country – we don’t forget. Georgians in debt will never be,” explained the scout.

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In the name of friendship with the Ukrainian soldiers in Abkhazia in Ukraine came to fight and Mamuka. “Not here, but in Abkhazia had three days to cover the corpses and not to go,” recalls his intelligence Georgians. Service in the intelligence he describes in one word – patience. Often it is necessary to go beyond the boundary line, to follow the enemy for hours. “The hardest part is waiting,” he admits. Now serve with him in intelligence went and 20-year-old son, Casimir. “Needs to have an experience that is necessary in the army,” explains the father.