Russia sent a message about the fate of 19-year-old Ukrainian Mushroom of hindsight

In Russia sent notice of the place of stay of the detainee, 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavlo Mushroom hindsight – two weeks after the disappearance. This was reported by his sister Olga Mushroom.

According to the woman, the guy would not let his lawyer Andrew sabinina. The defender said that he will be able to get to the client with the investigator’s permission, but the latter failed to communicate.

“The lawyer already made a complaint, but to see Paul had never happened”, – quotes its the quote “the Ukrainian truth”.

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The Ukrainian foreign Ministry responded to the arrest of the FSB 19-year-old Mushroom

Sabinin wrote that to get to the Fungus couldn’t.

“And so are the best years of his life. In jail not broke, he said it was difficult. No wonder I’m talking about serfdom recalled the other day. The right first date was harder right of the first night” – he wrote.

Here and pass the best years of his life. In jail not broke, he said it was difficult. No wonder I’m talking about serfdom recalled the other day. The right first date was harder right the first night. #Powergrab

Published by Andrei Sabinin 8 September 2017

Olga Grib added that information about the place of detention of Ukrainian his family received yesterday, September 7, although it was dated August 25.

“To consular offices in Rostov-on-don received a message that Paul was kept in prison No. 5, dated 22 hours, 25 Aug. But got it somehow only yesterday. Before two weeks we did not know where he was and what he though and the family and representatives of the foreign Ministry and the Ombudsman sent all the possible queries in the Russian Federation to provide information on the whereabouts of Paul. However, the response was only silence,” said the woman.

During the whole time Paul Mushroom outside the legal field and it is also a violation of legislation. Also the defender of the Ukrainians tried to give him a transfer, however, in jail he was denied without explanation.

In addition, Olga Grib confirmed that the lawyer sent the appeal to the European court of human rights for the torture of a Mushroom and have already received a response.

“The court has already sent a response, and Ukraine, and Russia. But so far we don’t know what’s there, because I haven’t seen an electronic duplicate. I hope soon to receive it,” said the sister of the Fungus.

We will remind, in the Belarusian Gomel disappeared Ukrainian citizen Pavel Mushroom: according to the parents, he was detained by the FSB. In Belarus he left on August 24 to meet up with a girl who lives in Russia, whom he met through the Internet. 17-year-old resident of the city of Sochi in an interview with TSN admittedthat actually invited a guy to Belarus. Forced her to do it the FSB of Russia, because she is also under investigation.

The police of the city of Gomel father reported that his son was wanted for terrorist activities. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry is trying to figure outwhat happened with the guy. at the same time, Belarusian border guards claim that to him had no complaints.

On 7 September it became known that Pavel Grib is in jail in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

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