The government wants to increase average basic salary

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes after the adoption of the law on pension reform to raise the average base salary up to 3764 UAH. This was during the hour of questions to government in Parliament, Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

The Minister said that he wanted to return to a single principle of higher wages.

“We offer to rectify the situation – to do the updating according to a single salary principle, that is, cease to play with the ratio and go back to the same principle – increasing salaries. Only this will enable working people to live better and to obtain extra funds without any artificial factors for the increase of pensions, and the first step after we vote for the reform is the increase of the basic wage up to 3764 UAH this year”, – quotes his words UNIAN.

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Reva said, when Ukrainians will be able to retire at any age with 40 years of experience

Reva said that the Cabinet has no plans to raise pensions at a time, this should happen annually. In turn, the increase in length of service for retirement will facilitate the removal of wage from the shadows, said the official, because people will be interested in the legalization of labor during the whole labor activity.

Recall from 1 October, the Ukrainian pensioners promise to modernize, that is, to increase pension. After the pension reform, the maximum pension in Ukraine will be UAH 10 thousand 740.

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