In Ukraine, due to insufficient capital can “explode” seven banks

As of the morning of 11 September in Ukraine there are seven banksthat had not increased its capital up to the required 200 million UAH. That they had to do before July 11.

In July such problem banks generally at 22. This writes the “Financial club”. During the month, two banks went bankrupt (“New“, “Hephaestus”), the Bank “Financial partner” allowed to refuse a banking license, and 11 banks completed recapitalization. In August-September, only one Bank has completed the necessary procedure. Bank “clearing center”, controlled by the NBU, increased the authorized capital 153,1 million UAH 206,7 million.

On the morning of September 11, according to the Ministry, registered capital below 200 million UAH were still seven banks:

– in the Bank “Center” (120 million) Hamed Alikhani, although he had two months ago reported on the capital increase to 200 million UAH;

“Credit Optima Bank” (UAH 120 million) of the family Boyko, who on September 25 is going to reverse the decision of the shareholders ‘ meeting of may 25, on the adoption of the Charter in new edition in connection with the capital increase, and take it in another edition;

– “Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development” (UAH 120 million), which was privatized Chinese BOCE;

“Policombank” family Tarasovic, which, however, last month increased the capital 120,3 million UAH 145 million UAH, while UAH 200 million intends to increase the capital “up to the end of the year”;

– “Alpari Bank” (UAH 122 million), Bakhtari Hedayatollah in the quarterly reports which stated that the owner bought the Bank’s shares by 78 million UAH 19 June;

– “Ayboks Bank” (122,455 million UAH), Vladimir Drobot, the shareholders ‘ meeting may 30, which approved the new capital of UAH 200 million and requested the Bank to agree on the Charter of the NBU and the state Registrar;

Bank “Portal” (125 million UAH) Igor Kolosnitsyna, the shareholders ‘ meeting of 25 April approved a private placement of shares for 75 million UAH to the Bank’s shareholders and the company Oscanyan Ltd. from the British virgin Islands.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, every fifth Bank is unprofitable.

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