Saakashvili came to Ukraine without passport control and walking has already passed three kilometers

Former President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili in Ukraine. Militant activists and ATO participants with fights broke columns of security forces and frontier guards on the Ukrainian border checkpoint and took neutral territory Saakashvili.

Together they walked on Ukrainian soil. Accordingly, the documents in Saakashvili Ukrainian border guards did not check. About it from a place of events the correspondent of TSN.

Now the column is moving on foot along the road, already passed about three kilometers from the checkpoint across the border. Where it is moving, not talking.

Videosgallery activists crossed the Ukrainian border

TSN. Week

Yesterday, 20:48

Videotronic Saakashvili broke through the border checkpoint “shehyni”


Yesterday, 20:40

Read more about why Saakashvili did not want to let in Ukraine, read on Dnia this link.

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