Foreign Ministry: Ukraine wants to extend sanctions against Russia because of the “elections” in the occupied Crimea

Ukraine strongly condemns the organization of the Russian Federation of 10 September 2017 on the territory of temporarily occupied Sevastopol illegitimate “elections of the Governor”, “by-elections of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol”, and also “by-elections of deputies of the individual municipalities” of this city. Also Ukraine needs to broaden sanctions against Russia because of the “elections” in the occupied Crimea.

This is stated in the message on the MFA website.

“We consider such actions of the Kremlin continuation of gross violations of the Russian Federation’s state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – convinced the Ukrainian diplomats.

“We stress that any steps aimed at legitimizing the illegal occupation of part of Ukraine’s sovereign territory does not create any legal consequences regarding the constitutional status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol as part of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

The conduct of Russian Federation fake elections in Sevastopol is yet another gross violation of Moscow’s fundamental norms and principles of international law.

“The results so the name “expression” is null and void. Illegal status of any officials or bodies elected or appointed in violation of the laws of Ukraine, as well as any published by them legal acts, article 9 of the law of Ukraine “On ensuring rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”,” – said the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that “all persons who participated in the preparation and holding of illegitimate “elections” in the sovereign territory of the Ukrainian state, will be prosecuted according to the law of Ukraine”.

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“Ukraine calls on foreign States and international organizations to clearly Express the recognition results so the name “elections” in the temporarily occupied city. Sevastopol, did not maintain any contacts with representatives of the local puppet administration, neither at the bilateral level or in multilateral forums, and strengthen the consolidated pressure on the Russian Federation, including through the expansion of sanctions with a view to its return to international law, end the illegal occupation of the sovereign territory of Ukraine, the implementation of acts of armed aggression in the Donbas, the withdrawal of occupation troops from the territory of our state. In connection with the Commission of the Russian Federation’s internationally wrongful acts of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs transferred the corresponding note of protest,” – noted in the Department.

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