Drawing food: unusual paintings from Kiev has received international recognition and are sold for big money

Kiev artist Daria Mower creates paintings out of food, which have great demand abroad. Vegetables and fruits on the market not only products for your kitchen and paint for creative Studio, said in the story TSN.16:45.

“I can just see this gorgeous red pepper can be cut from the car,” she says. Daria loves to cook, draw and take pictures, and at some point decided to combine it all. Photos on her page in Instagram like network users – they left rave reviews under funny lion cub scrambled eggs and pasta, a portrait of British chef Gordon Ramsay salt and pepper and other works. Potential buyers themselves found on the social network. “Decided to leave the main job as a Secretary because I started to earn more creativity,” admitted the artist.

Videocrime got world fame by creating pictures of food

TSN. 16:45

Today, 17:26

Her works are sold only abroad and only on request, for the average Ukrainian consumer is expensive and unusual. For example, the image of Katy Perry from white, dark chocolate, berries and fruits have ordered the American company to promote the new album. All the sketches Daria stored in the Notepad, and the transformation of food picture takes on the video. Sometimes she departs from edible paint – in the campaign of cosmetics brand Louboutin is Ukrainian, drawn lipstick.