If the United States will provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, the allies would follow such a supply – expert

In the case of adoption by the President of the United States decision to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons, the other allied countries will follow this example and start their deliveries.

This was stated by former assistant Secretary of defense for Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia Mike carpenter, writes UKRINFORM.

“Those who oppose providing Ukraine with defensive weapons, using the same arguments,” said carpenter, who now holds the position of senior Director at the Center Biden on the issues of diplomacy and global engagement the University of Pennsylvania.

“If the United States will provide defensive weapons to Ukraine, I have no doubt that many of our allies will follow suit,” – said a former Pentagon official. Among the arguments of those who oppose the provision of weapons is intimidation that the provision of weapons Ukraine will provoke Russia.

Videoamerican media called the possibility of granting Ukraine lethal weapons “a grave mistake”

TSN. Week

27 Aug, 20:35

“To defend your sovereignty is not a provocation. On the contrary, the Kremlin will encourage more weakness and lack of decisiveness”, – said the expert.

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He also noted that the expert community of the United States recommended that the government and Congress of the United States to strengthen support for Ukraine in terms of security and provide defensive weapons to defend its own sovereignty.

Videoslave the Pentagon discussed with Petro Poroshenko the possibility of granting Ukraine lethal weapons

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25 Aug, 07:59

We will remind, earlier in Kiev there has arrived the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, he had to discuss with the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, the provision of lethal weapons. The state Department notedthat the decision is still pending.