The mystery man near the Kiev schools has alarmed parents across the capital

The wave of anxiety and even panic gripped parents in Kiev after reports about the alleged attempted kidnapping of a small child just from the yard of a city school. In social networks there is a growing story about how young men during the physical education lesson tried to persuade the girls of the third class to go to their cars, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Attention, dear parents! Young people: two in the car, the two approached the children. Persuaded girls to go to the car, but this time noticed the gym teacher and they disappeared. Be vigilant,” – said in the message, which has got thousands of reposts. In the Darnytsia office of education confirm that such a warning they sent out for consultation to principals, and they must inform teachers. One of the young teachers took a picture of information – and that went for a walk on the Internet.

Video settings the social networks spread the message about the attempted abduction of little girls

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:39

In the Department of education noted that this was an internal regulation, however, mass dissemination of information they are happy because people got the warning and now will certainly be more attentive to the children. Director of school №267, as referred to, says that kidnapping was not, but the fact that the men approached the children the truth. “The teacher thought that the parents, and went to him to ask what they need. Men looked to see what the teacher is, and left. The children said that they did not know that the guys they were offered ice cream. The children weren’t hurt, nobody was dragged,” explained Elena Yurchuk. As Chairman of the parent Committee notes that the grounds for panic. “We have security. We have the system throughput. All parents are encouraged to calm down,” says Natalia, Pirincho.

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The psychologist tells us that it should not just prohibit the taking sweets from strangers and closer to their machines, but also to allow children to ask the parents anything. “It is important that the child understand that she can go to your parents and ask them, too, ice cream, candy or anything that it will not entice another man with an ice cream or sweets. She will get it or an adequate explanation why not,” says Elizabeth Cooper. Also have to teach the child not to hesitate to call for help, and the parents themselves – not to break up once again alarming reports.

The TSN reporter Valeria Kovalinskaya