As planted Lavrynovych: the son has, thanks to the prosecutors and handcuffs

The Pechersky district court of Kiev has agreed to the petition of the state office of public Prosecutor about arrest of the former Minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych in the case of usurpation of power. On Friday started a 60-day cycle of this preventive measure, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Consider the case Lavrynovych was on Thursday, but then appeared his lawyer Yevhen Solodko, so the issue was postponed to the morning of 15 September. The court came to the sons of the official era of Viktor Yanukovych, one of which is Vitaly, the suspect was not seen for two years. The politician told the court that the actions he is accused prosecutors committed, but does not consider their crime. “I am charged with as a criminal act that when I was Minister of justice, the Ministry of justice published decisions of the constitutional court… If prosecutors treat as a crime, then Yes, I’m a criminal” – ironically said the former official.

Videonovinok before his transfer to the detention center is located in the Shevchenko district Department

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:29

According to the prosecution, Lavrynovych can escape, because it has the appropriate savings and at any time can buy a ticket and leave the country. The former Minister said, if still not run, it will be gone. “I have many times created conditions that I left, warning about what will happen next. But then another, then still in Ukraine is the rule of law,” said the suspect. Finally, the judge Olesya Batrin de-facto had no choice, as the harsh sanctions of the article, which accused Lavrynovych did not include other measures of restraint than detention.

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With the solution appears in the hall and the bag in which Lavrynovych gathered on the eve of all necessary. He arrested himself first calls his wife, and then suddenly thanked prosecutors. “Thank you. I take it as a given. I’m ready to walk this path completely,” he said. He was asked to leave the courtroom before the arrival of the investigators and the decision on implementation of judgments and Lavrynovych did. An hour later he was handcuffed, led out of the courthouse and taken to the Shevchenko district where was supposed to deliver in prison.

The TSN correspondent Olga Vasilevskaya