Putin’s plan with the peacekeepers further divide Ukraine – Walker

Proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin plan for the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass will not contribute to the solution of the conflict. This was stated by the special representative of the US State Department on Affairs Kurt Volker, UNIAN reports.

According to him, to observe how Russia offers its own version of the possibility of the emergence in the Donbass UN peacekeepers, it was interesting. Their experiences He shared in Kiev at the forum of Yalta European strategy (YES). “The details of what was proposed, I think, actually further divide Ukraine, but does not solve the problem,” stated the American.

Videossa are convinced that the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission will help restore Ukraine’s sovereignty

TSN. 12:00

September 14, 12:17

Walker noted what is now important is the fact of recognition by Putin of the possible introduction of peacekeepers in the region, because before the Kremlin, this option was rejected. However, the Russian scenario of the mission is clearly not to be taken in a hurry. “If we can come to the discussion of an international force maintaining security, which will replace the Russian forces will conduct monitoring of heavy weapons and to control the border – it would be a significant step forward, the basis for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the restoration of territorial integrity”, – said the representative of the state Department.

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We will remind, the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the possibility of the entry of UN peacekeepers to the Donbass. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbas is not foreseen in the Minsk agreements, this requires the consent of the Russian fighters. “In Minsk agreements about the peacekeepers not go”, – he said after talks with OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier. However, President Petro Poroshenko plans to present to the UN General Assembly the idea of a peacekeeping mission in the Donbass.