Fighters 35 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military. How was the day in the area ATO

At the end of the last days the situation in the area of ATO deteriorated, but remained controlled by the Ukrainian army.

After 18 hours, the militants have stepped up attacks on Ukrainian positions single using mortars of different calibers, reports the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

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So, in the evening three militants from mnemeth caliber 82 millimeter grenade launchers, small arms beat our defenders in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area. Also at the Donetsk direction the enemy fire hit the fortifications of the ATO forces near the Mallorcan Sands.

On the seaside direction from the 82-millimetre mortars, the enemy opened fire on the outskirts of Shirokino and Pavlopol. And the facts of the use by the enemy grenade launchers recorded near Bogdanovka, Water, Starognatovki.

#Topod the Construction of the press center of staff ATO in 16.09.2017. At the end of the last days the situation in the ATO area …

Published by the Press center of the ATO headquarters on September 16, 2017

Also it was restless and on the Lugansk direction. Here in the evening and night, the militants three times shelled with mortars of various calibers of our fortifications on the outskirts of the Crimean. Mortars of calibres of 120 and 82 millimetre invaders used and Novomoskovskoe.

In just the past day illegal armed groups of 35 times violated the truce. In the course of nearly half the attacks of the Ukrainian positions ATO forces opened fire in response. Losses among the Ukrainian military no.

Recall from the beginning of 2017 at the Donbass killed 68 civilians, more than 300 were wounded.