Nick Vujicic arrived in Kiev and is preparing to perform on Khreshchatyk

A year before Ukraine, as promised, arrived the legendary Nick Vujicic – a man who the history of his own life was able to inspire millions around the world. It is not only filling arenas with his lectures, but also in films, writes books, sings, has a loving wife and two sons, says the story TSN.19:30.

He tried to smile but after a long flight was visibly tired. At the airport nick Vujcic meet hundreds of fans. Last year he was at a private lunch with the Kiev businessmen and the government urged to make the city easier for people with special needs. In particular, it was on the ramps.

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To check, whether they’ve heard in the past year Suicice and changed Kiev, TSN invited people with disabilities. 19-year-old Sasha also heard the appeal Vujcic. From-for errors of doctors the girl from his childhood confined to a wheelchair and moved to Kiev from a small town deliberately thought through, the city will be better equipped and have more opportunities. But here, it feels limited without assistance to outside of the house impossible. Ordinary things – riding the subway, tram, hike in apakuki store is a real test for Sasha.

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However, the overall picture there are exceptions, for example, Povitroflotskyi Avenue after reconstruction. Where the sidewalks are made accessible to all, but this is not enough – disability shall be the whole of Kiev, saying the Kiev businessmen. They recently formed an Association whose purpose is the arrangement of at least major places in Kiev. But while that has the main dialogue with the authorities. “We are always open for cooperation. The first time I hear that there is such a desire. We are ready to support such projects”, – said in response to the mayor Klitschko.