Financial planner weeks. The dollar will cost 29 hryvnia

To the fact that the hryvnia in September will begin to take their summer positions, the Ukrainians were allegedly ready, because it happens every year. It really only last week lost a few tens of cents. But there appeared the statement of the Minister of Finance. And the whole country buzzed: what can we expect from a couple of the hryvnia-dollar on?

To absolutely not to be downhearted, the journalists of TSN.Week asked experts.

Almost all three months of summer, the hryvnia gained weight. As for what it was. Ukrainian metal and agricultural products on the world markets sold more than last year. Therefore, the export dollars the visible trickle flowed to Ukraine, strengthening the national currency. And seasonal relief dollars to go on vacation, also played for the benefit of local currency.

But break is over and hryvnia has gone into “autumn” depression. Now have a mark to 26 hryvnias per dollar. And this is only the beginning of a new rise, say financiers. Because the state Treasury was calculated at the rate of 27.2, RS. Therefore, to UAH it was enough for the dollar must not be less than UAH 27.

Videofantasy the commotion of the week: why the hryvnia went into “autumn depression”

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In addition, autumn is the time of great waste. Ukraine buys gas and coal for dollars. And still have to pay foreign debts. Until the end of the year to give the IMF a billion hryvnia.

“The budget does not receive these funds and he continued to receive these funds were not two or three weeks, and during the period more than three months. It would be logical to do a course at level 28 hryvnia,” – said financial expert Oleg Ustenko.

But this week – new shock from Finance Minister Alexander danyluk. He said that we need to prepare to buy a dollar for 29 UAH. So why scare people? After all, even the one who’s course is not followed, thought, should not quickly to buy it cheaper. The answer surprised. Say, for prevention.

“The Finance Ministry always working pessimists. This is normal. We lay conservative scenario in order to then in case of possible shocks, we were able to respond quickly. This applies to external debt”, – said Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko.

And there is a planned increase of pensions, increase of teachers ‘ salaries, subsidies. It is the pressure on the exchange rate. Expensive dollar – rising prices. But the national Bank does not afraid.

“It’s just predictions, which, in fact, no one is responsible. Financial stability depends not only on the currency exchange rate. First of all, on low and stable inflation”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the NBU Oleg Churiy.

It is unlikely many people will now rush to the exchangers to buy dollars, think and financier Oleg Ustenko. On the contrary – he understands that will give that set aside for a rainy day.

“To tell the people to rush to buy foreign currency is all the same what to advise the poor to flee the stock market”, – says Oleg Ustenko.

The only solution in a situation when everything is expensive, said experts, is hryvnia deposits in banks. Of course, if there is something there to believe and have faith that the Ukrainian bankopad has ended.