Ryanair is to cancel dozens of flights until the end of October

From September 15 to the low-cost airline Ryanair to cancel 40-50 flights daily.

So last 6 weeks, i.e. until the end of October, according to the official website of the company.

According to the low-cost carrier, a decision was taken to improve the punctuality of the company.

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In the first two weeks of September, the level of punctuality of flights Ryanair has dropped below 80% due to delays, weather conditions, strikes and vacations of the pilots or crew members.

“This figure is unacceptable for Ryanair and customers,” the company said.

Ryanair has decided to cancel 40 to 50 flights daily, which will create additional reserve aircraft, which will help to restore the level of punktualnost to 90%.

The company said that customers whose flights are cancelled will be contacted and offered alternative flights or a refund.

Earlier it was reported that the low-cost airline Ryanair will begin flights from Ukraine next year after he has canceled the release of the Ukrainian market this year.

Videotransit officials succumbed to the method of the controlled scandal from Ryanair

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16 Jul, 22:19