Fighters of “Donbass” ambushed an enemy BMP near Chermalyk

Occupants reinforce military positions near Mariupol fresh fighters and military equipment. Last noticed in the occupied Bank of the Kalmius river in the area Chermalyk, says the story TSN.19:30.

No sooner had the crew to approach the positions of the battalion “Donbass”, as shots rang out from the other Bank of the river Kalmius. There is the village of Naberezhne, where entrenched militants of the so-called “DNR”. “When you showed up, worked very, very big gun – so of someone they noticed. Perhaps you,” said the soldier battalion of the armed forces of Ukraine “Donbass – Ukraine” with the call “Mountains”.

Videoaccelerator Bank of Kalmius river waving flags of the Russian Marines

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:14

On the “Mountain” journalists spent a couple of hours while the soldiers of “Donbass” developed a plan for Smoking a bored sniper. The military said that during the morning was observed in occupied territory, the movement of equipment and armed men. The positions of the battalion militants are chaotic fire. “Want to know what we have. In front of us in the village stands a fighting machine, we get it, we have than to get. As soon as she comes out of hiding, for it to work,” says the commander, nicknamed “the dark knight”.

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In the village of Chermalyk, which controls the “Donbass-Ukraine”, there were only pensioners and children, who have become accustomed to war. “Shoot very often. There are two houses there abandoned the village – shoot from there. There “DNR”, the occupied area”, said one student from a local school Dmitri. About “school”, “bread”, and any truce in this village have only heard from TV – in reality, work during the day snipers and machine guns, and the closer to the evening, the harder it becomes the caliber of weapons used by the enemy.

The TSN reporter Dmitry Moroz