Like in 2018 will increase wages and the subsistence minimum. Government forecasts

In 2018 in Ukraine will increase social standards. It is provided by the draft law on the state budget, which the Cabinet submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on September 15.

In particular, during the year, the minimum wage will increase by 16.3% from the current 3.2 thousand UAH to UAH 3723. The average salary in Ukraine, according to forecasts of Ministry of economic development and trade, will be 8629 UAH instead of the current 7.1 thousand UAH.

The minimum subsistence level during year will increase twice – 1 July and 1 December. In particular, for persons of working age, this figure will increase from 1.7 thousand UAH at the beginning of 2018 until 1853 UAH at the end of the year.

The draft law on the state budget of the 2018 takes into account the inflation at 7%.

The minimum wage in 2018

A living wage

From 1 January

From 1 July

From 1 December

For persons of working age

1700 UAH

1777 UAH

1853 UAH

For children up to 6 years

1492 UAH

1559 UAH

1626 UAH

For children 6-18 years

1860 UAH

1944 UAH

2027 UAH

For disabled persons

1373 UAH

1435 UAH

1497 UAH