In Parliament the disputes and deviations amendments continue to consider judicial reform

Parliament today continued consideration of judicial reform, which includes changes to several codes, as well as innovations which has caused heated debate, according to TSN.16:45.

Without judicial reform will not be able to start work in the new Supreme court, because judges don’t actually have powers. So argue the presidential faction need as quickly as possible to approve the presidential bill.

But opposition factions believe that with this reform, the President is concentrating power over the judicial system in their hands. After all, the reform provides that it must approve the nomination of every judge of the Supreme court. In addition, the bill has several controversial innovations. In particular, the automatic debt write-off from the account of the debtor, for example, the claim of the utility provider.

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TSN. 16:45

Today, 17:14

Another example is the rule that the plaintiff may be required to pay for legal assistance to the defendant, if he is insolvent. Some of these rules will modify or upgrade prior to acceptance. Just to understand, when and what was changed is difficult, because the Chairman of the Committee of justice was limited to a short statement and nothing more was comment.

Most of the project judicial reform in the presidential edition outraged “Batkivschyna” and “Samopomich”. Say the judges, whose competence and engagement are often in doubt, get full power over the participants in the process. They will have the right to assign large fines and even criminal penalties for minor violations. But the service of court summons will replace the publication on the judicial portal, where citizens themselves have to follow, does someone in court. I didn’t even know came – the court announced the decision without you. Yes, and to juggle the laws, the judges will allow, outraged Tymoshenko.

In the draft judicial reform MPs have submitted a record number of edits – 5,5 thousand. However, today did not support any of those that are not approved by the Committee.

The coalition seems to have managed to collect the required number of votes for the approval of presidential judicial reform, so the most quietly waiting for the completion of routine procedures endless amendments. However, it will take a lot of time today and even tomorrow we can hardly expect final adoption of the law. Likely, the final vote will take place on Thursday.

In General, the autumn Rada is scheduled to consider and adopt the five reforms – education, medicine, judicial reform, and pension reform of Parliament.

The TSN reporter Maria Vasilyeva