The militants brought a group of snipers to positions near Shirokino

In Shirokino near Mariupol military move in the face of constant attention from enemy snipers. The vigilance of the soldiers do not lose even a minute and also encourage journalists who come to visit them, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Now came a group of snipers, so special attention”, – said a member of the Armed forces with the call sign “Coma”. The soldiers say that the enemy opens fire, if he sees some movement or congestion of people on the Ukrainian territory. Therefore the soldiers prefer not to get out of the trenches, which covered the whole of the local sector of the front. Branched trenches stretch for miles, navigate them only by memory, for no no cards.

Videoboyz in the East have lost faith in the Minsk agreement or the announcement of the next ceasefire

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:15

The distance between the positions in this sector can be reduced up to 50 meters. Despite the proximity of the parties, DRG do not go, because all the fields around mined, but each night the occupants begin firing. “To shake hands with all weapons,” the soldiers joke.