In the Kharkiv city Council did not let the deputies from “Samopomich”, the entrance was surrounded by police

Regular session of the Kharkiv city Council began without deputies from “Samopomich”. The doors to the building closed, and the entrance guarded by the police.

About it reports UKRINFORM.

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The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes said before the session that deputies from “Samopomich” I want to spend in the session hall of too many people.

“There are criteria. The municipality has received 56 applications from citizens concerning the presence at the session: 20 applications approved, 36 citizens refused because in the hall a limited number of places,” he said.

As a result, the session began without deputies from “Samopomich”.

Under the building of the city Council are going to people who require the realization of the legitimate rights of residents to attend the sessions.

Today, September 20, under the building of city Council of Odessa, clashes between law enforcement officials and protesters who demanded the resignation of mayor because of a fire in the camp, which killed children.