Ukraine will fulfill all the requirements of the UN for peace in Donbass – Poroshenko

Ukraine believes that diplomatic negotiations are the only way to solve the conflict situation in the Donbass. This was stated by the President Petro Poroshenko during his speech at the Security Council of the United Nations in new York.

The Ukrainian head of state stressed that reconciliation must be based on respect for the territorial integrity of the country and will certainly be accompanied by the withdrawal of Russian troops from the conflict zone. All aspects of the UN peacekeeping mission need to be discussed. “We insist on the fact that through the negotiation process, however long they continue,” – he explained.

Videoporoshenko will speak at the UN General Assembly with a message to the world

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He also said the Secretary-General of the Organization that Kiev is ready for a constructive dialogue. “Ukraine will fulfill all that is required of her,” said the President. And he said he expects to have a response regarding the idea of introducing a peacekeeping mission in the two Eastern regions of Ukraine. “We hope that all this will be analyzed and investigated,” – said the head of state.

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