MPs told how preparing for retirement and how much to save for a rainy day

Deputies-pensioners and members of non-retirees admitted TSN, how much money are preparing for a “rainy day”, how are you going to live in old age and believe that retirement will come.

Olga Chervakova says he hopes to live to retirement, and Victoria syumar admitted that he deferred some money and is now thinking about how to buy a house, then rent it and the money to live.

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The people’s Deputy Oleksandr Vilkul also putting money away for a rainy day, but how postponed is recognized.

Serhiy Taruta says that his pension five times less the money that he pays to the Pension Fund. The MP admitted that his retirement is the biggest, it is about 9 thousand hryvnias, but he has no idea how to live on this money.

By TSN correspondent Darya Happy

Videodatarate told how preparing for retirement and old age

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