Chairman of the ACU said a sharp accusation, concerning the abolition of the tender

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman today, September 22, from the rostrum in the Verkhovna Rada was threatened with dismissal of the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee Yury Terentyev and “hangers-on”if they keep blocking important public tenders. It was to cancel the tender of the State fiscal service x-ray scanners for customs.

Terentyev said that the tender was canceled according to legal requirements. DFS has announced a competition for the purchase of a scanning system stationary type for the inspection of cargo vehicles and containers in July this year through Prozorro. The expected cost – 338,88 million. Therefore, the procurement was performed according to the procedure of the so-called “prequalification”, which provides a preliminary assessment of the compliance of the bids the bidders.

Applications for participation in the auctions have submitted seven companies – OOO “Medicinering”, VV LLC “VATEK”, LLC “Folgat”, Arempa International Ltd FZC, OOO “MKT-Komunikasi”, LLC “Smart defense”, Nuctech Company LTD, Corp Leidos. Five of the participants to the tender are not allowed because they do not meet the requirements. Then there were two company – VV LLC “VATEK” and OOO “MKT-Komunikasi”.

“One of the participants (Arempa International Ltd FZC) appealed to the permanent Board of the Committee for the review of complaints that it was wrong to reject their bids and submit (in his opinion) the admission to the auction proposal, OOO “MKT-Komunikasi”, noting a lack of study of the State fiscal service of Ukraine, OOO “MKT-Komunikasi”. By results of consideration of complaints on appeal it was determined that the proposal of the petitioner was rejected by the legitimate customer. At the same time, there has been a violation of the law of Ukraine “On public procurement” in terms of admission to the auction participant bids that did not conform with the documentation, which also indicated a discriminatory approach on the part of the customer to the offer of the Complainant,” explained Terentyev.

Accordingly, OOO “MKT-Comunicacin” also withdrew from participation in the tender. There was only one participant.

“As a result, the auction had approved offer of only one party, which entails the obligation of the customer to cancel the procurement procedure from the admitted to the auction less than two tender proposals (requirements of article 31 of the law). In this regard, the Panel was obliged, in accordance with the requirements of the law make the decision to oblige the State fiscal service of Ukraine to cancel the procurement procedure due to identified violations”, – said the Chairman of the AMC.

TENDER DFS ON the SCANNERS, the AMC CHARGES FROM the Century. GROISMAN On the link to the decision of the permanent Board of the AMC…

Yuriy Terentyev published September 22, 2017