In Ukraine, the falling price of potatoes

In the markets of Ukraine falling prices for potatoes.

This is stated in the story Breakfast with 1+1.

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Every Ukrainian consumes 140 pounds of potatoes a year. It is very close to the country-the champion of Belarus, where every citizen consumes an average of 180 pounds.

In General, Ukraine occupies the 4th place in the world in terms of growing this vegetable. 98% of Ukrainians potatoes are grown on household plots.

One of the sellers is a trauma surgeon with 30 years of experience. He is now retired and sells on the market. Its main product is honey, but this year, a man began to sell his potatoes at a price of 6 UAH per kilogram.

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“The fact that in Chernihiv, Sumy region is very well freak potato. I’m on five acres dug 700 pounds,” says the man.

The fruit vendors predict a rise in prices by about two hryvnia in winter.

Experts say that prices for potatoes are different because they are determined by the sellers themselves. And assure, annually in the autumn period the price of potatoes falls.

“Traditionally, during the harvest, the arrival time of the maximum value, that is, from September to November, the prices of potatoes are minimal in a year,” says analyst Maria Kolesnik.

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To predict the rise in price of potatoes in 2017, the expert is not taken. At least until such time until you know the exact amount of harvest in Ukraine.

“Prerequisites in order to say that we have inflation or there are grounds for price growth, or prerequisites for the detection of shortage – there is no such. I think that the harvest will be not less than 20 million tons with the needs of the country at the level of 15-16. That is, we will export potatoes and completely cover domestic needs”, – the expert adds.

If the price of potatoes will rise in the winter, only on their own sellers. But definitely more expensive butter and eggs, but as yet too early to say.

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Recall, Groisman predicted, when in Ukraine cheaper meat. The head of government is sure that the price will fall.