In NBU do not consider Bitcoin a currency and warned of the risks of fraud

The national Bank of Ukraine does not recognize the cryptocurrency currency and warns of risks of fraud.

This was stated by the Deputy head of the NBU Oleg Churiy, reports FinClub.

“We can say that this is definitely not currency, because there is no Central Issuer. And we can not accept this means of payment”, – he said at a Ukrainian Financial Forum.

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It was supported by the head of the national Commission on securities and stock market Timur Limp: “there is No media coverage, no protection of investors ‘rights”.

According to Oleg Churia, the world’s regulators are not concerned about any threat posed by cryptocurrencies because of their small volume.

“They are only concerned about the fact that people can lose money (by investing in them. – Ed.) and fraud, which can be with them,” – said the Deputy head of the NBU.

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Recall, September 2, bitcoin exchange rate reached a historic high. The cost was $ 5,013 thousand.

As you know, bitcoin is an electronic means of payment. The concept of the system was published in November 2008 by the author (perhaps a group of authors) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Now one of the main programmers, who are responsible for the operation of the system, is American Gavin Andersen. In may 2016 Australian Craig Wright said that he was the Creator of the system, however, substantial evidence is not provided.

In early August, 2017 cryptocurrency divided into classic bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. It happened because of a dispute about the update, which was supposed to increase the speed of transaction processing.

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