Raccoon-the smart aleck attacked a police car in USA

In the American city of Colorado springs raccoon ran into the windshield of a COP car until the cops designed the accident.

Nice squirt, it seems, wanted to quickly get to the other end of the city, so he just jumped on the hood and put your tiny playful paws on the windshield.

Pictures of animals on the glass of the police car did one of the cops.

Officer Frabbiele discovered that Raccoons do come out at night and was pawsitively surprised when one ended up on his…

Published by the Colorado Springs Police Department September 21, 2017

We will remind, earlier in a Network there was video of the Moscow subway where the guy is drinking gatunku of fast food along with a raccoon. The journalists decided to find the owner of the animal and the caudate. As it turned out, Dmitry Reshetnik and raccoon gauze and a half years as friends. Go everywhere together – to the shops, to work, even on concerts.

Videoslook raccoon: the incredible story of friendship between Dimitri and Marley

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17 Aug, 09:38